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palmistry high fivePersonal Power Palmistry offers palm reading services either in person on via e-mail (through a scan of your hands).

In person, I book readings through-out Southwestern Ontario (Canada) either in a private setting, or in a group.  I can also arrange readings at special events and meetings.

E-mailed readings can be done with a simple scan of your hands ( click on Palmistry by E-mail in the top menu for more details).

When doing readings, I look at the details of your hands with a focus on where you can improve your personal satisfaction with your life.  Looking at personal strengths, realities and challenges, and how you can move forward with more positive steps.

I do not foretell the future, or “how long your life will be”, but focus on the science of lines, mounts and signs that indicate childhood influences and decisions made throughout your life.

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Although readings can be very positive, I also like to tell it like it is.  All of us have issues and baggage, I use the information on your hands in honest evaluation, no sugar coating – to help you see what your hands have to say about where you have been, where you are

now, and the endless possibilities of where you can go!

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Please contact me by e-mail for a personal reading – remember to give me your name and phone number so I can contact you back with your booking.

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I have been studying hands since 1995 and still study almost every day – the subject is just that fascinating.
I started reading for the public in 2001. My first event was a ladies group meeting for a reunion. Now I read at fairs, fundraisers, weddings, showers and house parties etc. Most of these events require that the readings be 10 to 15 minutes. Private readings of course are usually much longer as there really is so much information on a pair of hands that an hour reading is common.
Working in the Kitchener-/Waterloo area of Ontario Canada I am now looking forward to reading scanned hands via email.
All the gurus say chase your passion not your pension. So, I am going to try to take their advice. Hand reading is my version of chasing my passion.

all the best
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